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Who is Who in Kajiado ODM Party Primaries on Tuesday

Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.
Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.

As the Orange Democratic Movement party primaries take place tomorrow, Tuesday, IEBC has released the names of contestants.

In the senate category, Risa Nakayo will be facing Daniel Tinaayai in ODM primaries, where the latter is expected to display his wits and take an early lead.

Kajiado North Constituency has the largest participants in the party where five candidates will face each other in the contest.

Among the contestants are; Beutah Maroko, Andrew Nyangwansa, George Monyenche and Samson Anienda, who will face off in a bare-knuckles contest.

George Kimiti and Bob Njagi will be fighting for their positions for party flag-bearer against indomitable Kakuta Maimai in Kajiado East.

A lot of action is expected to unfold as the men face each other in the populous Kajiado Constituency despite controversies that may arise from some of the disputed polling stations in Noonkopir.

In Kajiado South Thomas Lekanaiyia will be facing off with Lenana Momoi and whoever wins will be having the blessings of ODM followers.

Memusi Kanchory from Kajiado Central and Joseph Simel from Kajiado Central and West respectively, will be crossing the nomination line unopposed. In the list of the unopposed is Governor David Nkedianye.

A lot of action is expected to be seen during the race for the position of Woman Member of parliament when Esther Karapio Somoire, Justine Simayiai Rakita, Lucy Naneu Shurake and Caroline Letura will be tearing into each other on Tuesday’s daylight to win the party’s ticket ahead of August 8 general elections.

Simayiai Rakita
Simayiai Rakita

It will be interesting to follow the events from all the constituencies as KNU will bring you live events on the same.



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