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Lenku’s Pick on Moshisho Receives Mixed Reactions from Voters

Former Interior CS Joseph Lenku addressing a campaign rally at Maasai Technical Training Institute, Kajiado recently. Photo Kurgat Marindany
Former Interior CS Joseph Lenku addressing a campaign rally at Maasai Technical Training Institute, Kajiado recently.

After the appointment of Martin Moshisho Martine as Joseph Lenku’s running mate, the decision received mixed reactions from Kajiado voters.

Following the appointment, Kajiado News Update engaged the residents on the big debate on the Big Questions: “Will the appointment make any positive impact on the election of Lenku?”


Bellow, we have sampled some of the early views from our followers.


Nkatet Mosika – The “youth are the leaders of tomorrow” cliché has been actualized. It is no longer tomorrow but it is just about time the leadership of this country and county takes seriously the youth agenda.

One of the biggest failures of the current governor is that he dumped the young people who put him in power, even forgetting to read a Youth Policy we had put in place a few months into his leadership. I think it’s a move in the right direction and Martin Moshisho, as I have known him is undoubtedly equal to the task.


John Lenkoko – The appointment of the young man is hope for the youth but the real intention of the appointment was to remove the Nkedianye brand of clan lords from Ole Lenku team.

Lenku knows that this will not add much value to his team and according to internal sources this is a ceremonial position.

His appointment was purely a balancing act on various Maasai clans and age set n may not have considered any political implications


Florah Kasoni– If He did not manage the Interior Ministry, I wonder how he will for the whole Kajiado County.

He was very woeful and he ought to apologise in style if not I guess he lost there.

The young man Martin Moshisho should run very fast before soiling his name.


Kasaine Ole Meikoki – It won’t have any impact at All. As a matter of fact, the young man does not inspire any hopes for the youth’s agenda.


Mashal Jonny – My opinion on this is that, you can’t call a spade a big spoon Lenku is a failure and we can’t trust him anyhow.

Kajiado is more important than a failure and Moshisho’s appointment is a clanism style of politics of which in this generation is archaic.


Melanie Mel Tonkei  – How will it have positive impact when the governor himself is negative in nature?

Marc Trivia  – Melanie Mel Tonkei, you are just a hater…and so more, you can’t see anything positive in Lenku. But… he will defeat your education dwarf.


Melanie Mel Tonkei – Taapare (laughter).


Kinayio Allan#Martoo, my former campus president is equal to the task.

I have known him for long, worked with and studied with him.

But in politics, I would advise him to disappear very fast before soiling his good name.

Lenku is playing clan politics in our county and I had said earlier this man is indeed very tribal. He can’t be trusted in this county’s leadership.
I say daktari tena.


Sumare Ole Kurraru  – Great choice and big impact indeed.


Kinayio Allan – Lies!


TJ Sirere – I will comment later.


Mathew Lesian Koshooi – I believe the appointment is very much impactful since the youth factor is less than factored already.

The youth policy document in Kajiado County done before previous election by youth (including Moshisho, himself) will be catered since it will be done by him personally.

Moshisho is also a sign of humbleness since he comes from a humble background.

This tells us that even from humble families we can get a leader.

Mzalendo Richard Lemayian – Great choice and Martin will bring great impact indeed.

Kipelian Gibson Snr  – What was his criteria of appointments?

This selection l can call it indiscernible since the guy he appointed is little known.

Though it might be a good reason for pulling the youthful voters, but what influence will this guy have if he’s not known?


Masento Memitikule Tipape – ,For a long time youth have been fighting for top positions,  and now that someone is giving us hope, we are here fighting our own based on parties and self interest.

As for me Lenku/Moshisho team has a good reflection compared to Governor David Nkedianye’s.


Mc Isaac Sayioki – The appointment of a young energetic man to leadership is a big milestone and greater achievement towards youthful leadership.

I concur with such noble appointment which sharpens our youth morale into active and vibrant politics.

Youthful leaders are the only capable force to transform the community’s leadership to better life agendas.

Konana Titus – I really appreciate and support this line up since it balanced on all arms of leadership from clan to age-set. Fellow youth let’s claim our space as Lenku is the incoming governor


Alex Rikoyian – Let us give him a try and we see the political impacts of youths in such a position.


Benjamin Ole Tipatet – It’s a bit cunning on Ole Lenku’s part.

Firs, t he got tongues wagging and several clans salivating for the same position by sending emissaries to all clans asking them to “look for a running mate”.

I sat in one such a meeting.  Soon, we discovered that the same message had been send to all clans to gauge the levels of support.

We ignored the message with the contempt it deserved.

Back to a youthful person for the seat in terms of experience and what he brings on board the jury is still out.

One thing is for sure; one Lesalaon Seki is smiling all the way to August 8th because Moshisho was considered a formidable MCA aspirant.

One possibility is for Team Lenku to approach Hon. Lesalaon and say to him “hey, we saved your skin. Please save ours too!”

If this happens, Lenku will pick a few votes.

However, Dr. Nkedianye is currently unbeatable in Matapato considering there are whispers that the Kaputiei clan will back Hon. Memusi for governor!!

Ilmatapato would never blow that chance to have the next governor by banking on Lenku’s poor mathematics…

Emmanuel Sangash – Following


Josphat Rinkoine – To my point of view, this appointment is just ceremonial one for balancing political equation.

Age-set and clanism will not complicate any political arithmetic.


Philip Olesitau – By choosing a youthful deputy governor, whether it’s Martin Moshisho Martine or someone else. I wish my great associate Martin all the best.

Hon. Lenku is being very strategic and seeking to score many points at once by balancing the age-set jostling, pacifying the clan ogre, scoring on the sub county chess, noting minimum experience requirements and maximizing on leadership potential.

He, himself, coming from the age-set at top leadership now will score big by incorporating an immediately recognizable youthful leader as deputy governor and capture the desire and imagination of the majority voters  (at 65 per cent) who are the youth.

By selecting someone from a different sub county and different clan than his own, Ole Lenku is actually seeking to kill the clanism ogre, not feed it.

In this way, he scores twice by pacifying the all time sense of inclusion by different clans as well as by an administrative area. This leaves a wondering thought as to the structure of his full shadow government.

On experience and leadership potential, he is seeking to maximize on the later. He seeks to push through with the bare minimum for both himself and the deputy, which, given the current political scenario is sufficient given his balancing act on the previous factors.

Either way you look at it, the Moshisho card for DG is bound to shift perceptions and alliances in significant ways.


Osupat Steven – Our political realignment is partisan, to assess the impact of the appointment, assess first the motive behind.


Nicholas Ole Sein – Ole Lenku has done what is traditionally done. We normally have Ilaainguanak , Olooboru-Enkeene , Olootuno. It shows leadership was never a reserve of the elderly.

These people are respected by all and have leadership skills.

I know it’s difficult to please each and every person, especially if they out to find something wrong with you.

Ole Lenku has his past just like every other person. When you fail, it makes one to work harder on his weakness.

Those who are against Ole Lenku are just that and no matter what, nothing can change their mind-set.

If we look at politics in Kenya generally, people don’t look at integrity in the person. It’s all about how sweet-talking or soothing the person is.

Tribal, clan and age group play part to some extent. Generally I see Ole Lenku growing his popularity by the day, as more people get to know him better. I mentioned some other time, that it’s wrong to gauge Ole Lenku by his performance as CS.

Most people don’t understand the functions of the CS in the ministry. It actually defers from one ministry to the other.

Morris Ketuta – Ako sawa kabisa.

Ben Patiat – Friends following! Nauliza tu, can one ask a driver in a car you are not travelling in to drive fast or slow down? Mtafakari.


David Nchari -The Moshisho appointment has a positive impact on the real youth constituency.

The youth have every reason to celebrate and support the team with chest forward.

The appointment is a strong indicator that team Omom e-nkai has good plans for the county youth.

Joseph Maina  – Yes or no will never be an answer, but Lenku is a non-performer, he might have appointed a person of the same category, my big worry, or else a performer we never know.

Jonathan Alais – Amazing, Lenku is trying to balance his politics.

Oloosinigi Alex – Appointing him doesn’t matter a lot. What will determine is their agenda.


Boniface Kilonzo – Am not a voter in Kajiado, but if Ole Lenku’s performance as a CS is anything to go by, including how he handled some matters of life and death, then he is the wrong guy for the seat.

Jonathan Rikoyian -This is the best decision ever made by Lenku. It has compromised my view towards this year’s Kajiado County top seat race.

If you really know Martin Moshisho, then you will agree with me. This guy became the first Maa student leader.

In fact chairman for a student organization in a major institution of higher learning.

In my opinion he has a great potential which need to be nurtured.  Ma youth, please, stop complaining and support one of our own.


Kasaine LJ Tony – Basing on the arguments and comments above, I guess  that almost everyone is supporting Lenku’s decision, even though it came as a surprise to me that for the first time my brother Ole Lenku has won the hearts of  many Kenyans.


Justice Charles Ntimama –  I would have rather advised him to pick someone from East or North.

Politics is about numbers, and at least with some several years of leadership experience in any field, Moshisho is not just a schoolboy. Lenku was on the right track and gaining popularity each and every day, but for now…it’s minus.


Oscar Kisspan David – Lenku is simply trying to play mind games, Martin Moshisho’s appointment is not enough to disguise his record as a failure that brought shame to Kajiado County, the Maa community and Kenya at large.

He failed terribly and he lost our trust from there. If things are going this direction then it will be a walk in the park for Dr. David ole Nkedianye come August



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