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Nkedianye ‘Curses’ Elected Leaders From Snubbing His Fete on Devolution

Nkedianye ‘Curses’ Elected Leaders From Snubbing His Fete on Devolution
Nkedianye ‘Curses’ Elected Leaders From Snubbing His Fete on Devolution

Kajiado County Government marked its four years of devolution on Wednesday in Loitokitok town without the county’s elected leaders.

Governor David Nkedianye, who was the guest of the day, was so irked that he condemned those elected leaders who let him down to political oblivion.

“May they all fail to come back after the next general election because they do not deserve to be your true leaders,” said an irritated governor before the eyes of Kajiado South sub county residents.

Nkedianye said he is shocked to see empty chairs on the sitting areas set aside for the county’s political leadership and yet he sent invitation letters three weeks ago.

He singled out the county assembly speaker, Johnson Osoi, whom he accused of allegedly carting away the MCAs from the county government function.

“This is bad manners of the highest order for elected leaders to shun issues of development. Kasumba ya vyama ndio yameleta haya madhara (political parties’ hangover and their inclination by politicians has caused all these problems),” claimed Nkedianye.

He elaborated that because he belongs to Orange Democratic Party Movement under the new opposition’s National Super Alliance, Jubilee Party elected leaders felt they should not have any association with their governor.

The only MCA who attended the fete, out of 41 elected and nominated, was Magadi Ward representative, Peter Pariken from ODM.

Senator Peter Mositet, MPs Mary Seneta and Katoo ole Metito had their reserved seats that remained as they were until the end of the fete.

“Citizens who gave us the votes are our bosses, and they are not happy with their leaders. May the hand that made them win the last elections, deny them leadership in the coming election,” Nkedianye “cursed” them in full public view of more than 2, 000 people.

The ceremony that was held at St. Lukes Catholic Church, Loitokitok, should have shocked the holy grounds as the governor threw a spell of curses at leaders, whom he termed “wayward and not knowing” what direction they are headed.

“I know that most of them will not be re-elected because I have seen the signs and this title of honourable for MCAs should even be done away with. They are too proud because of that name,” claimed Nkedianye.

The governor took more time in cursing the county’s leadership than explaining the gains in his devolved government in the last four years.

He lamented that his four years in office was like living in hell with the current crop of MCAs, who majority of them belong to JP and who opposes literally nearly everything the county government proposes to do for the people.

“Out of the 41 MCAs we have in the county assembly, only 3 came from my party. I thank God because we stood firm without their support. It is through God’s mercies that I have brought this county to this point in terms of development without their support,” claimed Nkedianye.

The governor lamented that his enemies, from the government, have never stopped “digging out mistakes and alleged corruption cases in my government”, adding that despite all those “investigations” he has remained focused because he is clean like “white cotton wool.”

Some of his alleged enemies, he claimed, were part of land cartels that had vowed to mess up management systems in the lands registry for their own personal gains.

“They claimed that I blocked land transactions and made land property owners poor. The fact is that I brought sanity to land transaction businesses and your sons will credit me from protecting their parents’ property,” said Nkedianye.

He went on: “Even if you, the elderly citizens will deny me your votes because of fighting injustices meted on you by land cartels, I know your children will vote for my re-election. Whatever decision you take against me, will be overtaken by the blessings of your children.”

The governor said he had made big strides in the construction of roads, establishment of schools, and improvement of the health sector among other developments.

“I now deserve another term to be able to complete all the projects we initiated as a county government,” said the governor.



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