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It Is Moshisho for Lenku as Loitokitok Waits for Breaking News Today


It was a big sigh of relief for Lesalaon ole Seki when his top contender, Martin Moshisho Martine, was picked to be governor aspirant Joseph ole Lenku’s running mate.

It is now official that Mount Kenya University graduate, Martine, has been picked as Lenku’s running mate.

Martine, who had shown interest for the Matapato North MCA seat currently occupied by Seki, is the face of the youth in Lenku’s team as his opponents in JP are still wondering how they will balance their equation of running mates.

Lenku’s side settled on Martine from Kajiado Central after several months of pressure from the Kaputiei community to have their own as the politician’s running mate.

It is not clear how the Kaputiei community from Kajiado East will receive the news after Michael Semera declined Lenku’s request to be his running mate.

Semera, a well refined think-tank who was behind governor David Nkedianye’s success in 2013, said he declined Lenku’s request after weighing several options including his position as a banker.

He had also been approached by Nkedianye and requested not to contest for any political position because of fears that the sitting governor may “sink” in the event.

“I told Nkedianye that I would not support him because am already with Lenku. Thereafter, Lenku approached me to run along with him in his quest for governor but also turned him down,” said Semera, who is optimistic his choice will carry the day during the April 21 JP nominations.

Meanwhile, former Interior CS will today have a major political rally in Loitokitok town, where Governor David Nkedianye will also be expected to launch his State of the County Address.

The two political heavyweights will be asking the people of Kajiado South and the county as whole to elect them because of what they have done to them.

This is Lenku’s debu in the politics of Kajiado, while Nkedianye has had four years at the helm as governor.

The people of Kajiado will be putting the two leaders on the balancing scale ahead of the August general elections as Tarayia ole Kores, Moses Parantai, Daniel Nina and George King’ori are also selling their manifestos around the county.

Whoever wins the JP nominations will squarely face Nkedianye – there is no shortcut about that. Nina has already cut his suits for the big day in August and will be facing Nkedianye and anyone from JP.

It is upon the people of Kajiado to pick their best from the worst and move on after the general elections.



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