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“Foul-mouthed” Supporters of Lenku Escape Lynching by a Whisker in Kajiado

​Two politicians allied to governor aspirant, Joseph Lenku escaped lynching by a whisker when supporters of politician Tarayia Kores in Kajiado bayed for their blood on Monday.
All had started well during the prayers for Kajiado West parliamentary aspirant, George Sunkuyia, in Olorien when more than 10, 000 people sat down to listen to prayers conducted by ACK Bishop, Gadiel Lenini.
But trouble began soon after Olkeri Ward MCA, Onesmas Ngogoyo and nominated MCA, Leah Sankaire, spoke and declared their support for Lenku.
Most of the people in attendance drawn from all the five wards in Kajiado West Sub County were believed to be supporters of Kores, who was also present.
The meeting that had gone on smoothly for almost the entire day, turned chaotic as Kores’ supporters surged forward to ostensibly to teach the two a “lesson”.
Elders and the eleven chiefs in attendance almost lost breathe as they attempted to cool down the boiling wrath in people.
 As the people pulled chairs to use on the two, Kores and Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet sat cool on their chairs and appeared to be thrilled by the ugly scene directed at their opponents.
Sankaire, who had been given a chance to greet the people and sell her candidacy for Kajiado Woman MP, was cut short by Kores’ supporters when she mentioned the name of Lenku.
A section of people in the meeting surged forward with sticks in an attempt to attack her but were restrained by elders.
Ngogoyo later was called to the podium and without reading the mood of the people made a mistake of telling Kores he had decamped to Lenku’s side because the former Interior CS has valid education certificates to allow him vie for governor.
He was booed down and whatever he said later could not be heard as the people became rowdy.
The Olkeri MCA later called to claim that Kores had incited the people of Kajiado West against him and Sankaire.
“His manipulations will not take him anywhere. I was candid in telling him that he has no valid papers to vie for governorship. It is true, I supported Kores to the last minute before the last general election but he disappointed us in the last minute,” claimed Ngogoyo.
Ngogoyo denied he was chased away from the meeting saying he had other issues to attend to in Nkoroi area of his ward.
The MCA had immediately left after chaos erupted.
“I was not running away as people claim. I had some commitments elsewhere and that is the reason I left immediately after delivering my speech. Sunkuyia is my fellow MCA and I was attending in my capacity as his friend. Those who were heckling had been paid by Kores to kick me out but they did not succeed,” claimed Ngogoyo.
Kores received a thunderous applaud when he warned that the people of Kajiado will revolt against the system if some people in State House will force a particular candidate down their throats.
Sunkuyia will be facing MP Moses Sakuda in JP nominations on April 21.
If the number of people who attended his prayer meeting could reflect to be his supporters, Sakuda may find himself in trouble during the party nominations.
He is currently the deputy speaker of Kajiado County Assembly and Keek-Onyokie MCA.



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