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Nkedianye: Reject Failures, Vote Upright Leaders in Coming Elections


Governor David Nkedianye has renewed his scathing attack on his erstwhile political opponent, Joseph Lenku, terming “sorry” his governorship aspiration.

Nkedianye claimed that Lenku squandered all the opportunities granted by Jubilee administration as a cabinet secretary and therefore has no moral value to seek a local elective position.

“I hope what I am hearing about Lenku’s bid for the governor position is just rumours because he is a disaster who should be avoided at all costs. He is a failure of all times,” claimed Nkedianye.

He made the remarks at Arap Moi Primary School in Nkoroi Ward, Kajiado North, on Friday evening after donating 40 desks when he told the people of the county not to make a “terrible” mistake of electing Lenku.

“I am happy that most voters know where their future lies. I know they will not accept a person who messed up the country’s security docket to be their leader. If those rumours I hear are true that he intends to be your governor, then am very sorry for my people,” said Nkedianye.

Nkedianye’s outburst was provoked by Olkeri Ward MCA, Onesmus Ngogoyo’s remarks that he should move on to Jubilee if he has any intention of retaining his seat as Kajiado governor in the impending general elections slated for August.

Ngogoyo, who is a known tormentor of Nkedianye’s administration, had started with a light touch that the governor had never campaigned for him despite having worked with him for the last four years.

“The problem with you Nkedianye is that, you are in a wrong party. You are generally a good person but your association with oranges has tainted your good self. We are ready to work with you if you walk over to Jubilee,” said Ngogoyo.

The MCA said he had a message of greetings from Lenku and the crowd responded positively.

When Nkedianye rose up to speak, he started attacking Lenku saying his candidature will divide the people of Kajiado in the middle.

“I have no problem with this young MCA (Ngogoyo) because we are not here to fight but to lead our people to prosperity. He has mentioned something like Lenku and that arouses my desire to warn the people of Kajiado against electing failures.

He said he is not regretting why he is in orange party but he is more concerned that the people of Kajiado elect people who have their interest at heart and not to elect “spent forces” as their leaders.



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