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Nkedianye’s Advice – Ignore Clan Lords, Unite for Common Good

From left, Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati, Governor David Nkedianye and Politician Kakuta Maimai in Mashuuru. Photo by GPS
From left, Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati, Governor David Nkedianye and Politician Kakuta Maimai in Mashuuru. Photo by GPS

Governor David Nkedianye has told Kajiado Maasai to stand firm against divisive politics aimed at dividing them.

Nkedianye said those politicians hopping to achieve mileage by dividing the people and preaching clanism are doomed to fail.

He spoke in Mashuuru when he distributed fuel, bought from disaster management kitty in the office of the deputy governor, to various community boreholes in the area.

The governor condemned those fronting tribalism saying it is inappropriate for aspirants seeking political positions to base their campaigns on clanism.

“They should rather be agitating for peace and unity during this electioneering period instead of sectionalising the people and preaching hate among the voters,” said Nkedianye.

The Governor urged the residents of Mashuuru to choose their leaders wisely and especially those who have their interest at heart.

Nkedianye said anyone out to divide the Maasai nation is not worth a position in leadership.

He expressed confidence in his service delivery saying, his government has projects in all parts of the county, a clear indication he has not favored any particular area.

“We have done much and this is why some of our opponents have now turned into clanism politics,” Nkedianye claimed.

He further claimed that issues of clan are only applicable among the Maasai during marriages and never in leadership.

Speaking at the same function his deputy, Paul Ntiati, said Odomong’i and Orok-Kiteng’ which are the two major clans among the Kajiado Maasai, make one tribe called the Maasai.

The deputy governor added that if one cannot marry or get married in his/her own clan then there is no point of downsizing the other clan.

Ntiati added that it’s important to vote in leaders who are visionary and with good track records.
He urged the residents to distinguish between those who mean well and those driven by personal interests, adding that all their opponents have their track records and it`s such things that people should pay attention to not which clan they have come from.

Former Kajiado MP Parsaoti Ole Nkoi urged the Maasai to elect leaders who stood



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