Namanga Residents Cut Off Tanzania Water to Protest Maghufuli’s Repatriation Order

Namanga Residents Cut Off Tanzania Water to Protest Maghufuli’s Repatriation Order
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Namanga residents disconnected supply of water to Longido District, Tanzania, on Tuesday to protest on-going repatriation of Kenyans by Tanzanian authorities.

More than 200 angry residents climbed Oldonyorok Hills in Namanga and cut off the main water supply pipe to Tanzania after failing to disconnect electricity from Kenya to Tanzania on Monday.

Nyumba Kumi initiative ambassador, Uhuru Sirote, told the Star in Namanga town that residents took the action after President John Maghufuli ordered the listing of Kenyans who do not have valid immigration documents.

Sirote said more than 60 Kenyan people, who had business establishments and property in Tanzania have crossed over after expiry of 7 days issued by immigration authorities in that country.

“It is true some of them are Kenyans whose parents relocated to Tanzania in the 1950s. They consider themselves as Tanzanians because they were born there and their parents died and buried in that country,” said Sirote.

He added that the authorities in that neighbouring country are mostly targeting wealthy people who they suspect have Kenyan roots.

Namanga Protests

A Tanzanian journalist based in Arusha , Bob Lymo, told KNU in Namanga President Maghufuli has ordered the registration of all Tanzanians living inside and outside the country.

“In Tanzania, we do not have national identity cards like Kenyans do and so the president has ordered the listing of all the nationals before registration exercise begins in April,” said Lymo, who works as a cameraman for a local TV station in Arusha.

In Tanzania, Lymo claimed, the state control and regulate all the news from media houses.

“This is the reason we could not report what happened in Namanga on Monday. People in Arusha cannot know what is happening in Namanga because we cannot dare to air such news without the approval of the state,” Lymo claimed.

President Maghufuli has also ordered the branding of all the Maasai livestock in a bid to issue deterrent measures against the movement of livestock from Kenya to Tanzania, according to Sirote.

Meanwhile, several barmaids and business people who were chased out of Namanga by Kenyans on Monday have accused their president of killing the spirit of the East African Community by chasing Kenyans from the country.

Nancy Juma, who has been working in Kenya for the last ten years, claimed that many Tanzanians living in Kenya are happy and have never been threatened with arrests by Kenyan authorities.

“There are more than 100, 000 Tanzanians working in Eastleigh, Gikomba and Mlango Kubwa in Nairobi who earn their daily money from sale of legal goods such as clothes and other goods,” said Juma.

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