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Kalembe Claims His Life Is in “Danger” After Auctioneers Raided His House

Kalembe Claims His Life Is in “Danger” After Auctioneers Raided His House
Kalembe Claims His Life Is in “Danger” After Auctioneers Raided His House

Politician Kalembe Ndile today claimed unknown people raided his residence in Syokimau area of Mlolongo early in the morning.

Kalembe claimed some 18 people arrived at his residence at 6am and forced their way through the gate but was refused entry into the main house.

“As soon as I noticed that they were all strangers, I called the police who turned up immediately and arrested 6 people after others had escaped on foot and one car,” claimed Kalembe.

He said the suspects suspected to be political goons hired to intimidate him by a local politician had arrived in the home in three vehicles but police were able to detain two.

The two vehicles were detained at Mlolongo Police Station as at midday today Wednesday.

The politician pointed a finger on Mavoko MP, Patrick Makau, who he claimed had been using strangers to intimidate him.

We attempted to call Makau to confirm or deny the claims but he could not pick his phone. A message we wrote to Makau stating the allegations from Ndile remained unanswered by the time of filing this story.

When KNU visited Mlolongo Police station a senior investigation officers denied the allegations made by Ndile and said the people who had gone to his house were executing a court warrant to attach property.

The officer, who declined to give his name, confirmed the police had made an arrest and were still detaining some of the people to wait for further communication from his bosses.

He was however unclear as to why he was detaining the arrested auctioneers and yet had all the proof indicating they were following the due process of the law.

A warrant of execution of decree issued by the employment and labor relations court at Nairobi in relation to a court case number 2339 (2240) of 2012  and dated November 6, 2015, addressed to Jeremiah Kiarie of T/a Icon Auctioneers wants a company associated to Ndile to pay Sh352, 633.

Ndile’s employees, Judith Muthuku and Mary Wavinya are former employees of Karesh Hardware and Construction Company had gone to court to seek justice after they were allegedly illegally dismissed by Ndile in 2012.

After Ndile declined to pay his dismissed workers, the deputy registrar of employment and labour relations court on March 28, 2017 issued a warrant of attachment of movable property from the politician.

When KNU called Ndile to confirm he had issues with courts he claimed he was aware but had paid all the dues demanded by his sacked workers through their lawyer.

But the lawyer, Alfred Nyabena, who turned up at Mlolongo Police Station, claimed the politician had not paid any more and that was the reason the courts had issued attachment warrant of his property.



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