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Chaotic Moments at JP County Elections

Chaotic Moments at JP County Elections
Chaotic Moments at JP County Elections
Chaos erupted in Kajiado county recently after two constituencies disagreed over names during the county elections board.
The two constituencies, Kajiado North and East disagreed on the names chosen by both aspirants and sitting members of the county claiming that some of the members had interest on the names chosen.
In Kajiado north some of them even resulted to violence whereby one of the female aspirants went to an extent of slapping another aspirant over a name that was picked claiming that the electorates came from one ward.
It took the effort of Kajiado county senator Peter Mositet to calm them down by proposing another name that they agreed on.
In Kajiado East constituency members disagreed to agree on the names proposed claiming that there was conflict of interest between two members.
Both Mary Seneta, Kajiado County Women representative disagreed on the name proposed by the sitting Kajiado MP Peris Tobiko and the same happened to the women rep.
They both showed their differences on the names that they both presented to the members each of them claiming that the other had interest.
There have been rivalry between the two women leaders for a long time and they don’t see eye to eye. The elections resulted to name calling among the members.
It took the efforts of jubilee Secretariats to intervene and long negotiations that they gave a directive for a secret ballot so as to have order and sanity in the board elections after 2 hours of disagreement among the members.
Even after the intervention of the secretariat Tobiko claimed an individual that was settled on was Seneta’s family lawyer and that was what she wanted.
“I am not satisfied with how the elections were conducted and even on the name that was settled on since it has only one person’s interest and  I am going to petition on the same,” Said Tobiko.
Seneta said the elections were conducted fairly and that whoever is complaining has got a right to since everyone is free to table their thoughts and grievances.
“Whoever is complaining about the elections is free to do so since there is freedom to table his or her grievances” said Seneta.



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