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Teeka: Jubilee Has Hatched Elaborate Plan to Block Kores From Governor Race

Politician Sankok Teeka claims Jubilee has hatched an elaborate plan to block Tarayia ole Kores from governor race

Millionaire politician Sankok Teeka today announced he will back Governor David Nkedianye if his choice of Jubilee candidate will be forced to back down.

In a telephone interview, the youthful millionaire and businessman, claimed a senior politician in Jubilee has openly shown bias in supporting the election of former Interior CS, Joseph ole Lenku as Kajiado governor.

“I am saying this without fear of reprisal that I am aware that a senior Jubilee politician has stepped into Kajiado politics to divide the Maasai nation and hoodwink the people to vote in unpopular candidate,” claimed Teeka.

Teeka claimed it is time the Maasai people learn to think for themselves because they have a constitutional right to choose which political direction to take.

“As we speak now, I have information that Tarayia ole Kores is being tracked down by forces that be, to tell him to back down in favour of Lenku. They have promised to support him capture the senate seat, which already has its owner,” claimed Teeka.

The businessman/politician, who have announced he will be wrestling it out with Moses Sakuda for the Kajiado West parliamentary seat, said any mistake aimed at promoting unpopular candidate to run for governor against the will of the people who are backing Kores, will result in a revolution that has never be seen in Maasai land.

“We have said it is Kores and any other person, who is not even a Maasai, takes advantage of his position to deny the people of Kajiado the right to support their own will not be taken lightly,” claimed Teeka.

Teeka added that he is ready to use his wealth to support Nkedianye and rally the people of Kajiado West to vote against a Jubilee administration “project”.

He claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta is being “misadvised” by the individual that Lenku has the prerequisite qualification without being told the kind of a leader the people of Kajiado envisage to elect.

“We have come a long way as a community and supported subsequent governments from independence without raising a finger against any government. Why are we being subjected to second-class citizens? Why are we not given a free hand to choose our leaders?’” asked Teeka.

As Teeka was speaking, Kores was in Nairobi with Kajiado County assembly Speaker, Johnson Osoi, at Weston Hotel.

We could not immediately establish what the two leaders were engaged in at the hotel next to Wilson Airport.

Kores had just arrived in Nairobi after attending to three other meetings with his supporters in Mashuuru Sub County using a helicopter.

For the last three days, Kores has been trotting the county using choppers to gain more ground in terms of looking for votes.

Teeka said he had lined up resources to boost Kores’ campaigns in the next 15 days but he has been disappointed by people he termed “political gurus” who are out to to force the Maa people against their wish.



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