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Kenyan Protestors Cut Off Road Transport System With Tanzania Over Immigration Issues

Namanga Protests

Protesters on Monday blocked the Namanga Kenya/Tanzania border road and paralyzed all road transport systems between the two countries.

The Kenyan protesters claimed their action was informed by the action Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli allegedly took in repatriating Kenyans, who have no working permits in his country.

Several Kenyans, including those who were born in Tanzania before independence and with parental linkage to Kenya, have been forced to leave the country if they cannot prove their identity.

Two weeks ago KNU exclusively reported that Tanzanian authorities are targeting Kenyans living in their country without valid documents.

Several people, who were born by their Kenyan parents while living in Tanzania in the early 1960’s and who have no link with their parents’ country have been forced to leave that neighbouring country.

One of them, Samuel Ngeselai, was forced to flee from Longido District in Tanzania and moved to Kenya last week after leaving his children and wife of 30 years across the border.

Ngeselai is now a stateless person after his grandfather, a Mau Mau activist who escaped to Tanzania in the early 1950 died in that country.

His mother is bedridden and still living in Tanzania.

On Monday, Kenyans living in Namanga stormed all the business premises that owned by Tanzanians, rounded them up and frog-marched them across the border.

In the process, many Tanzanian business people claimed they have lost their stocks and money, while barmaids working in Kenyan clubs were roughed up and their mobile phones taken away.

Kajiado County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, who two weeks ago claimed the situation is under control as the Tanzania/Kenya relation is concerned, on Monday, said a contingent of security personnel is heading to the border to manage the protests.

Kello said the protests started at the border after Tanzanian authorities arrested three Kenyans last Friday and arraigned them in court for being in the country without valid immigration documents.

“Those are routine checks carried out by any country and our people should respect the law and ensure they have valid immigration documents while on foreign countries,” said Kello.

While Kello was responding to our questions, some Kenyans were storming at the local Kenya Power transformers with the aim of cutting off the power link with Tanzania as the few police officers looked helplessly.

Kello said Kenyan top officials from the immigration department, local police officers were locked up in a closed-door meeting in Namanga to see how the volatile situation can be brought down to normalcy.

All the business premises on the Kenyan side of Namanga remained closed up to passed midday as Kenyan authorities engaged their counterparts from Tanzania in closed-door meetings.




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