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Kores Dares Lenku to a Bare-Knuckles Political Punch-up

Governor aspirant, Tarayia ole Kores, today termed ‘trash’ claims his erstwhile competitor, Joseph Lenku, has been endorsed by the presidency.

Kores, in a press statement, claimed Lenku’s outright desperation to be closer to the powers that be in the party have ‘turned’ him a perennial “liar”.

He claimed Lenku, who was discharged from service by Jubilee administration for failing to rise up to the occasion, has resorted to peddling “lies” in claiming that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, have endorsed him to run for governor.

Last week on Thursday, claims made rounds in the county that Lenku met with several MCAs from Kajiado West and their counterparts from Kajiado North constituency at Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi before meeting Ruto later on at Weston Hotel.

Kores has since rubbished the story claiming it was one of Lenku’s many “tricks” to “hoodwink” the media and “cheat” the voters that he is spot and on top of things.

“The highly publicised meeting across the social media claimed he was to be endorsed by President Kenyatta, his Deputy Ruto and other top brass in Ngong. All that was a calculated move to hoodwink the people of Kajiado,” claimed Kores.

The former Kenya Meat Commission Chairman claimed all the “hot air” ahead of the Ngong rally on Saturday was an extension of Lenku’s campaign to malign other aspirants.

In a separate statement, Senator Peter Mositet appeared to side with Kores when he claimed the former CS has never been endorsed by anybody.

“On the day they were claiming to be having a meeting at Weston Hotel in Nairobi, the Deputy President was in Meru and was nowhere near Lenku,” said Mositet on the phone.

Mositet said it is shameful for a person purporting to become the next governor of Kajiado to lie to the people he expects to vote for him.

“I am in Jubilee to stay and those claiming that I am no longer closer to the presidency have some hidden agenda. I do not know what they want to achieve in dragging my name into their propaganda,” said Mositet.

The Senator denied claims he is part of the people who hounded out senate aspirant Daniel Tinaai from the ruling coalition adding that the candidate sensed defeat and ran to ODM.

“No one chased Tinaai away from Jubilee but he realised that the race to the nomination was not a walk in the park and therefore chickened out,” claimed Mositet.

Mositet said Kores is still the man to beat in the governor race because he has the grassroots clout and a massive support in all urban areas of the county.

While reacting to remarks attributed to Kores, Lenku’s political advisor Daniel Kanchori claimed what Kores is attempting to bring to limelight is “purely knitted lies”.

“We received several defectors in Ngong including Olkeri Ward MCA Onesmas Ngogoyo. It was before the cameras and I am really shocked that Kores, who is now operating solo, is making wild statements,” claimed Kanchori, who is also Oloosirkon MCA.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Onesmus Ngogoyo at Tarayia Kores' house in Iloodokilani shortly before the 2013 general Election.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Onesmus Ngogoyo at Tarayia Kores’ house in Iloodokilani shortly before the 2013 general Election.

The MCA said Team Lenku has started a journey that will see him move from one constituency to the other, from one division to the other and from location to the other.

“This journey will end when we shall have received all the defectors including Kores and other aspirants including; George King’ori, Moses Parantai and Daniel Nina,” said Kanchori.

Kores said he has enough evidence to proof that Lenku transported people from Kiambu County and a few from Kajiado County to Ngong so as to attend his rally.

He claimed all Kajiado North MCAs left his camp two years back and it is only Ngogoyo who was “bought” last Saturday.

“On getting into the stadium it turned out to be a cat and mouse game. The highly anticipated defections were never there,” claimed Kores.

The politician further alluded that some of the people who are alleged to have defected had been paid a total of Sh1.5 million.

The Olkeri Ward MCA denied claims he wasn’t paid any money by Lenku as is claimed by Kores, adding that the county is larger than a personal financial desires.

Ngogoyo said it is wrong for Kores to claim that people were bribed in order to defect to Lenku’s side.

“When I moved out of Kores’ camp, I had a three hour meeting with him. I told him the whole truth about why I wanted to leave him. I was candid in telling him I will not support him blindly and yet it is in public domain that he is not going anywhere,” claimed Ngogoyo on the phone.

Earlier on Kores had also claimed that on the day Lenku announced he met with Deputy President Ruto at Weston Hotel, he (Lenku) was actually in Kitengela meeting with a Mr. Hamit, who is his business associate and a beneficiary of the former CS tenure through contracts.

“This is working negatively towards the party across the county and lack of fair play in the party’s primaries will affect the party during the August general elections,” claimed Kores.




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