Governor Race: Lenku Promises Bruising Battle as Kikuyu Block Backs Him

The 'Ngong Declaration', JP governor aspirant Josep Lenku (far right) receives massive backing from the Kikuyu vote bascket in Kajiado North constituency on Saturday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado governor aspirant Joseph ole Lenku has claimed that cronyism, negative ethnicity and bad governance is the cause of abject poverty in the region.

Lenku, who spoke at a major campaign rally in Ngong town on Saturday, claimed the people of Kajiado made a “grave” mistake to elect governor David Nkedianye in 2013.

Dubbed ‘The Ngong Declaration’, the rally was called by Jubilee Party elected leaders ostensibly to bond the indigenous Maasai people and other communities residing in Kajiado.

“People of this county have been taken hostage by an individual they entrusted with leadership. They are suffering not because the national government failed to submit devolved financial resources, but because the executive adopted a divide-and-rule method of utilising the allocations to suit its cronies,” claimed Lenku.

The Jubilee party aspirant, who was cheered throughout his speech by thousands of residents of Ngong, claimed investors fled the county because of a ‘corrupt’ executive.

“We are aware that executive has been demanding bribes from investors in order to secure land, and this is the reason why many of them fled to Machakos and Kiambu to start up their businesses,” claimed Lenku amid thunderous applause.

Lenku claimed that while Kajiado is ranked on paper the riches region in the country, the truth is that its people in most parts of the county are wallowing in abject poverty and permanently depending on famine relief from charitable organizations.

“As your incoming governor, I pledge here before the honourable people of this great region that I will remain your servant at all times. I will respect your elected leaders because without their support, this region will slide back to where it has remained in the last four years,” said Lenku.

He claimed that the incumbent governor, over the years, had equated Kajiado North constituency with Kiambu claiming that they did not vote for him in 2013.

“As a true democratic leader cannot stoop such low by insinuating that those people who never voted for him should not get his attention in terms of development. True leader will strife to lure them by all means so he can improve on votes in subsequent election,” said Lenku.

He said his dream has always been to lead the people of Kajiado realise the fruits of devolution and to fight tribalism and nepotism that has threatened to split the county in the middle.

Kajiado North MP, Joseph Manje told the rally he sees an equaled leader in Lenku and urged his Kikuyu community to vote him overwhelmingly in the August 8 general election.

“This is a leader different from what you currently have because he will not talk about you behind your back. This is a leader who will listen to your needs,” said Manje.

The MP was backed by several elected MCAs from all the constituencies, who were formerly supporters of politician Tarayia ole Kores who is also seeking to the position of the governor.

The MCAs present included; Daniel Kanchori (Oloosirkon), Charles Leng’ete (Loitokitok), Joseph Mutunkei (Ildamat), Hoseah Toshi (Matapato south) and David Nkirrimpai (Kaputiei North).

Others were; Paul Supet (Ngong), Martin Njogu (Oloolua), Mwathe Pere (Ongata Rongai), John Wanyoike (Nkai Murunya) and Onesmus Ngogoyo (Olkeri).

Narok County Secretary Lenku Seki graced the occasion and said he stepped down from the race because he believes the only person to save the county from Nkedianye’s misrule is in the person of Lenku.

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