Kajiado Ack Bishop Lenini Preaches Peace Ahead of General Elections

Bishop Gadiel Lenini during a Sunday service at Noonkopir ACK in Kitengela.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado ACK Bishop Gadiel Lenini on Sunday warned Kenyans to detest attempts by politicians to divide them along tribal lines this electioneering year.

Lenini said elections come and go and the country should not be polarized to the extent that its citizens can turn against each other because of party differences.

“This is a constitutional exercise that happens every five years, and those who you elect either from the ruling coalition or the opposition remains your brothers and sister. How does that allow you harbor any form of difference with your neighbor,” asked the bishop.

Lenini was presiding over a Church service at Noonkopir ACK in Kitengela which was attended by several local politicians led by Jubilee Party gubernatorial aspirant, Tarayia ole Kores and ODM’s Kajiado East parliamentary aspirant, Kakuta Maimai.

He said ACK does not support any politician but can only call on its members to elect the best leaders, who will stand by them in championing their constitutional rights.

“Kenya is bigger than our individual interests, and whether you are a politician or a voter, you must put your country first before any other interest. We must learn to co-exist like one people because I believe we are one creation of God,” said Lenini.

Kajiado County has been rated by security agencies as a hot spot region. One month ago, a group of leaders met in Isinya to warn that no non-Maasai shall be allowed to contest any political seat in the coming general elections.
The warning sent wrong signals to the government and to the diaspora communities, who own property in Kajiado.
Kajiado County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, took up the matter and has been in talks with elders from the Maasai community in a bid to resolve the stalemate.

Intelligence sources revealed that negotiations between the top security organs in the county have been having closed-door meetings with political hardliners who want to block other tribes from participating in election contests.

Lenini, during his sermons, did not dwell on the matter but decided to preach unity.

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