Lawyer to Sue State Over Traffic Congestion in Mlolongo

The government is expected to brave for a court battle from Monday over traffic congestion in Mlolongo that is alleged to have impacted negatively on road users.

Lawyer Edward Oonge, acting on behalf of his clients staying on the sides of Sabaki, Kitengela, Athi River and Daystar, on Saturday said he wrote to Kenya National Highways Authority and Infrastructure CS on March 10 to complain over the same.

Oonge of Were and Oonge Advocates told journalists that he assumes that during the designing and implementation of the weighbridge in Mlolongo great care and studies were undertaken on the impact on the smooth flow of traffic.
“Unfortunately, it now appears that either the project was designed by professionals who never understood the effect of such project,” argued Oongo in a letter he wrote to KenHa and copied to Inspector General of Police and NTSA director general.

The lawyer further claimed that since the commissioning of the Mlolongo weighbridge his clients have had to endure torturous traffic jams on their way to work in Nairobi.

“Some of my clients have spent over 40 minutes to one hour daily stuck in traffic that stretch over 1km long because of congestion of trucks,” claimed Oonge.

He said while the weighbridge is necessary and important in other aspects and that has cost tax payers a lot of money, tax payers should not be inconvenienced to that extend.

The lawyer gave notice of intent to sue the concerned departments of government on Monday 13, 2017 if there shall be no compliance in the issues he raised in his letter of complaint.

Joseph Kimani, who commutes to Nairobi everyday of the week, told journalists he is forced to wake up at 4am so as to beat growing traffic jams in Mlolongo that sometimes extend up to the Kitengela/Namanga/Mombasa interchange.
“In the evening, the earliest time I arrive home is 8pm because of the incessant jam at Mlolongo,” complained Kimani.

Students, who go to colleges in Nairobi from the sides of Kitengela, Athi River and Daystar, have to wake up as early as 4am to be able to arrive in the city by 7.30am.

The distance from Kitengela to Nairobi is only 30km but it takes commuters two to three hours to cover because of the trucks that jam Mlolongo.



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