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County Signs MOU With Kenchic to Promote Poultry Among Residents

Kajiado county government and Kenchic Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding that will see the region and the community benefit from financial opportunities.

The move will establish and give opportunities to women and youth in Kajiado to demonstrate about rare farming that can bring impact to the community at large. 

Kenchic Managing Director, James Oduor, said that through the partnership, his company will create employment opportunities for women and youth in Kajiado County.

Poultry farmers buy 60, 000 one-day old chics for broilers from Kenchic farms in Kajiado every week which adds to 3 million every year while farmers buy 500, 000 chicks for layers in the same period.

Most of the broilers from the county are slaughtered and sold in Nairobi and Kiambu supermarkets and eateries.

Oduor, who signed the MOU with Governor David Nkedianye on Friday, stated that they have put up three demonstration units within Kajiado County.

The firm, he said, has committed itself to providing training opportunities to target groups in the region.

 “We want to make sure that we establish best in class operating practices in the training units that will be of use not only to women but the community at large, making sure good husbandry actually happens because it’s the only way to get the benefit from the entire venture,” cited Oduor.

Governor Nkedianye appreciated the move citing how important it is going to benefit the community in many ways in terms of handling the rearing of chicken for commercial ventures. 

Nkedianye noted that the project will be done in Kajiado central, Kajiado East and North, starting with three thousand day old chicks which already for those who have started are doing very well. 

He said they want to ensure there will be increase in these numbers so that in each sub county the community gets to have at least 10 of such enterprises going on. 

“We want to increase the uptake of eggs and chicken related products and increase consumption of poultry in this county, said Nkedianye.

In Kajiado County, Kenchic has invested heavily on poultry farming over the last many years.



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