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Parantai, King’ori Sign Power-sharing Pact Ahead of Nominations

Moses Parantai & George King'ori
Moses Parantai & George King'ori

Two JP governor aspirants, Moses Parantai and running mate George King’ori, have hatched a power sharing deal ahead of the party primaries slated for April.

A peep into their signed power deal reveals the Maasai community will take a lion share of the six key executive positions with other communities sharing the remaining five.

Parantai said the deal was hammered after several month-long meetings between him and King’ori and has been approved by supporters from the two sides of the divide.

He assured all other communities in the county of his unreserved support and promised that his government will be all-inclusive.

“I will never entertain tribal politics in my reign if elected the next governor of Kajiado. I am aware of one of us who is dividing our people along clan lines (black and red cows) and I want to tell him that he is pulling behind a community that walked out of that closet generations ago,” said Parantai.

The politician, who is known for telling the truth even if it hurts, is the first person to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta the truth about how elected leaders in the region were hiding him pertinent issues about how Jubilee Party is performing in Kajiado.

Parantai was among the more than 2, 500 delegates who visited State House late last year on the invitation of Uhuru and when he woke up to address the presidency, he lamented that the party he is now supporting is doomed to do poorly in the coming elections because of bad leadership on the ground.

“These politicians are lying to you Mr. President that all is well with JP in Kajiado,” Parantai said while addressing the president.

After signing the power sharing deal, King’ori said non-Maasai pay levies to the government and must be treated equally like the local people.

There are 150, 000 registered voters in Kajiado North followed by Kajiado East constituency with an estimated 70, 000 registered voters.

The Kikuyu community is dominant in Kajiado North, East and Southern constituencies.



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