A Peep at Times and Lifestyles of Ewuaso Residents

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Tacked in the open shrub land of Kajiado West Constituency, Ewuaso town is choked with dust a hive of activity.

The town which is home to all the tribes in Kenya is the most cosmopolitan urban centre in Ewuaso/ Kedong’ in the constituency after Kiserian.

I had never been there before, but when I arrived in the town in the morning hours, I was shocked by the number of goat meat eateries that were already open by 9am.

A cloud of smoke and the appetizing smell of roast mutton rule the air.

I counted some 20 operating meat outlets in the busy town with a population of more than 30, 000 people.


People eat meals here before they disburse to the many mining sites around the town, and report back in the evening to spend their earnings.

As I got into the town’s main street, some women dressed in full Maasai attire, and when I walked closer, I discovered they were discussing politics in the local Maasai dialect.

When another group approached them outside the Five Big Brothers meat place, I got another surprise when they all spoke and engaged the first group in Kikuyu language.

An old friend who is the Inkiushin sub location assistant chief, Kitayei ole Sayo, soon joined me and we chatted away on other issues that took me to Ewuaso.


Sayo explained that the town is cosmopolitan and the people living in it speak different dialects but when dealing with a common issue, they tackle it in the local Maasai dialect.

He said most local Maasai married from the Kikuyu community and that is the reason why it is difficult for a stranger arriving in the town to differentiate the two.

Most of the people who live in the town work in the many stone quarries in the area while others are brokers of black sand.

Black sand is on high demand in the construction of houses in Limuru, Kawangware, Kikuyu and Dagoretti Corner.

More than 300 trucks that carry black sand leave Ewuaso each day of the week and the youth have found employment in the industry.

The local young men earn Sh2, 000 on average daily, and much of it is spent on meat eating, beer and women in the town.


During the nights, twilight girls from Mai-Mahiu make a kill in Ewuaso town, where they engage in financial sexual activity.

Most of the women, we talked to said they prefer doing their ‘business’ in Ewuaso town because of the flow of the money.

“Sometimes it can be so dry in Mai-Mahiu. Most of us who sell our bodies entirely depend on men but when they are broke, things become elephant on our part,” said Susan Njeri.

At 36 years, Njeri is worried that soon the young men, who have money, will be going for younger women than her.

“I still have my two children in high school who depend on me to pay their fees. These young men spend lavishly on us and that is our source of bread and butter,” added Njeri.

British establishment

Ewuaso town, according to the area MCA Justus Ngussor alias Ntege, was established in the 1950s by the British colonialists for purposes of taming Mau Mau rag tag armies that had bases around Mt. Suswa.


The British established its divisional headquarters in Ewuasu and supplied it with water from the Kijabe Springs.

The water that served the military and a police camp in the area was also extended to livestock farmers, who also used it for irrigation of small farms.

Prof. Saitoti’s vote basket

The late Prof. George Saitoti held the love of the local population in Ewuaso Kedong Ward, where it used to be his swing vote area in all the elections that sent him to parliament as MP for Kajiado North.

Local people we talked to said Saitoti so loved Ewuaso that he could slaughter cows for the community every time he went visiting his voters.

Like Mosiro Ward, where the Professor of Mathematics used to garner more than 10, 000 votes, Ewuaso Kedong used to give almost 20, 000 votes.

In reality, Mosiro Ward had less than 2, 500 registered voters during the latest by-election held there late last year.

We could not immediately establish the actual votes on the ground after the last vote listing done by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in February.

On development, the ward received Sh95 million in allocations from the devolved county government in the last three financial years and the same has been used to construct classes and teachers’ quarters including roads in the area.

The ward, which is six times the size of Kajiado North constituency, is still having teething problems in the road sector.

The only major road from Ngong to Ewuaso town is about 50 km and most of its sections are unbearably treacherous to motorists.


Off-road cars are ideal in the area and most politicians prefer using helicopters while travelling to Ewuaso.

The area MCA was elected on United Republican Party in the last election and is the leader of minority in the county assembly.


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