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JP’s Rejection of Tenaai: Is it a Blessing in Disguise for the Opposition?


The race for Kajiado senate seat has so far attracted a number of candidates in both the ruling coalition and the opposition.

It is not clearly understood why the number people seeking this position is soaring by the day, while in other regions the position is not considered as lucrative.

Already, among those who have declared public interest on the seat are; Daniel Tenaai (ODM), Caroline Chege (JP), Philip Mpayayeei, Daniel ole Nteti (JP) and Jeremiah ole Risa (JP).

Those in JP will be facing out with the incumbent, Peter Mositet, for the party’s ticket in April ahead of the August 8 general elections.


JP’s Rejection of Tenaai: Is it a Blessing in disguise for the Opposition?

For the first time, a woman will be racing along in a circuit dominated by men in a region where females turn are known to turn up during voting more than their male counterparts.

Caroline Chege Kajiado Senator aspirant
Caroline Chege Kajiado Senator aspirant

Chege is from the Diaspora voting community and will be facing off with the Maasai candidates in JP during party nominations.

Going by the numbers, the Diaspora votes is almost equal the number of the local Maasai community, meaning that a split in votes among the local people may bring surprising results in the nominations.

Although Mositet is still ranked stronger among all the JP candidates in the region, any change in backing from the Kikuyu Diaspora voters may deal him a major blow.

Chege and Mositet come from Kajiado North constituency, which has the highest number of voters in the entire region.

Mpayeei, who is a commoner in Ongata Rongai, may be testing the waters in this race owing to his absence in many major rallies in all the five sub counties of the region.

Nteti and Risa, have not been outgoing either and they will most likely require some magic to be able to traverse the entire region and make public their political intention.

Peter-Mositet - The incumbent Senator Kajiado County
Peter-Mositet – The incumbent Senator Kajiado County

After party nominations in April, we will be able to analyse all the candidates who have been issued tickets to proceed to the August general elections.

But as matters slowly show up, whoever will emerge winner in JP is going to face one of the toughest battles recorded in recent years from the opposition.

Considering that Tenaai will be a compromised candidate for the NASA opposition outfit in the August race, the ruling party is will have to apply all manner of approaches to be able to beat all odds to win this race.

Tenaai who recently walked away from JP following allegations that all was looking bleak in their house, had already cut himself out as an alternative senator for Kajiado in social scenes.

He chickened out of JP after he confirmed fears that he would be locked out of nominations through a flouted process.

The politician, who was part of a delegation that visited State House late last year, had indicated that there were alleged forces out to ‘rock’ the JP’s boat by kicking out popular candidates.

After his complaints flew in the air without party bigwigs listening to him, Tenaai crossed over to ODM.

If history in the politics of Kajiado is anything to go by, the same will repeat itself in the race for the senate bearing in mind the case of  Kanchori Memusi in Kajiado Central Constituency and Peter Tirishe in Mosiro Ward by-elections.

Jubilee ignored dissenting voices in the case of Kajiado Central by-election by rigging out Memusi and replacing him with Patrick Tutui.

The people of the constituency, in retaliation, turned against the government project and wholesomely backed their own.

Memusi. At long last, won the seat leaving the ruling coalition not knowing what hit them on the face.

In the case of the just concluded Mosiro Ward by-election, some elders proposed Tirishe to be supported by JP in the race, and as usual the ruling coalition went for an older candidate, Ole Koroine.

The people again told Tirishe to move out of JP and take an ODM ticket. He won in the by-election leaving JP wondering again.

Is this scenario going to repeat itself in the case of Tenaai, who JP refused to listen to?




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