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Confusion Mars the Picking of Governor Running Mates in County

Confusion Mars the Picking of Governor Running Mates in County
Confusion Mars the Picking of Governor Running Mates in County

Confusion has marred the picking of running mates among some of the Jubilee governor aspirants as the issue of clan balancing takes centre-stage in Kajiado Region.

Former Interior CS, Joseph Lenku, is being pushed by his Oro-Kiteng (black cow) clansmen to pick one of their own as running mate but the politician is still undecided which way to go.

Outgoing Kenya Meat Commission chairman, Tarayia ole Kores, who was recently cleared by Jubilee Party headquarters to participate in the nomination and subsequent elections in August has also not made any decision.

Kores’s spokesman, John Pempa, told Kajiado News Update Digital a decision has not been reached but has several options in picking a running mate from Oro-Kiteng clan.

“We have agreed that we will pick a youthful running mate for Kores from Orok-Kiteng because our aspiring candidate for governor is from the Odomong’i (red cow) clan,” said Pempa on the phone.

Those around Lenku said he is under pressure to pick a running mate from the ‘black cows’ but has personally opposed what is being fronted by his clansmen.

Picking a running mate from the same clan the aspiring governor is coming from is suicidal in Kajiado region because one clan cannot win that position without the support of the other major clan.

Governor David Nkedianye is still confident with his deputy, Paul Ntiati, who managed to propel his popularity in Kajiado southern region which is the bedrock of the black cow clan.

Moses Parantai, who is also gunning for the seat of governor in JP has already settled on George King’ori as his running mate.

King’ori comes from the diaspora community living in Kajiado and is expected to boost Parantai’s votes in the impending party nomination slated for April 13 to 16.

Daniel Nina, who failed to capture the seat in 2013 after he was trounced by Nkedianye, is also still in dilemma and has failed to pick a running mate.

Nina comes from Orok-Kiteng and is determined to pick his mate from the red cow house.

Lenku and Nina are both from the black cow house while Nkedianye, Kores and Parantai come from the red cow house.

Each of the candidates is expected to woo the diaspora votes in the region to boost their votes. Votes from the diaspora is said to be about 50 per cent of the total number of the registered voters in the region.

So far, there has not emerged any front runner among the JP candidates and the white smoke is expected to be seen out of the chimney after the nominations.

Nkedianye is eager to know who is likely to be JP’s flag-bearer so he can launch his assault immediately after the nominations.

He has already been cleared by ODM to defend his seat on the same party ticket.

Nina, Lenku, Parantai and Kores are expected to name their running mates before March 13 so that they can participate in the party primaries.

Lenku is said to be keen on which candidate Kores will pick before he does his. The two are fierce opponents in the ruling coalition party.




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