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Uhuru Picks Maa Professionals to Spearhead His Campaign


Faced by glaring revolt against Jubilee Party in Maasai regions, President Uhuru Kenyatta has shifted his trust from politicians.

Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, took the bold move to surpass the politicians after a delegation of Maasai visited State House and told the Head of State all was not right for his party on the ground.

The President has now picked a team headed by Agriculture Principal Secretary, Dr. Richard Lesiyiampe, to preach JP’s political concept in Kajiado, Narok and Samburu counties that are culpable of sliding to the opposition.

Others picked by President Kenyatta include, National Transport and Safety Agency Director General, Francis ole Meja, PSs, Charles Sunkuli (Environment) and Saitoti Torome (Planning).

In the team of the so called Maasai Professionals are; Geothermal Development Company MD, Johnson Nchoe, Kenya Water Towers Agency Director General, Francis ole Nkako and former East African Portland Cement Company MD, Kepha Tande.

Sources close to the Presidency told Kajiado County Press that Uhuru and Ruto have been evaluating the performance of elected leaders in Maasai regions after several leaders decamped to the opposition.

“The President and his deputy have been soul searching to understand why they have attempted to appease the region through government appointments and flagship projects and yet the people are still not happy,” said our source that is privy of the on-goings at State House.

Our source said the President was not particularly happy after what the local people “displayed” during the late William Ntimama’s burial in Narok late last year.

“What happened in Narok during the burial of Ntimama is said to have offended the President and his Deputy. This is the reason why the two leaders did not attend John Keen’s burial in Namanga late last year,” said our source.

The president, according to our source, is concerned that that the state funded the burial of Ntimama, and yet it was ridiculed by the local people.

The government also funded its campaign during the Kajiado Central by-elections after the seat fell vacant when the incumbent, Joseph Nakissery, was appointed Interior CS by Kenyatta.

When the presidential team went to Ewuaso recently accompanied by Interior CS, Koseph Nkaissery, more than 4, 000 people turned up to listen to them.

Nkaissery joined Lesiyiampe, Meja and Torome in Ewuaso Ward in Kajiado West constituency where they drummed up support for President Kaenyatta’s re-election.

Nkaissery said he was pleased with the work that is being done by the team of professionals in campaigning for the president in Maasai regions and highlighting development issues.

“You need to be closer to this government of Uhuru. This is a government that has the love for the Maasai at heart and if you will choose to go to the other direction, that will be upon you to make that decision,” said Nkaissery.

He said the team of professionals are not only campaigning for the president but serving the people and ensuring that the people in the region get sufficient government services such distribution of clean water.

The CS said Jubilee Party is stronger than before in Maasai land. In the last general election the Jubilee coalition took all the seats in Kajiado except for Kajiado Central, governor’s position and 2 MCAs in Magadi and Mosiro.

Lesiyiampe had a special message from President Kenya to the people of Mosiro.

He told the people of Kajiado the government had set aside funds to buy livestock that have been overwhelmed by the ongoing drought.

“We come here today with a message that the government of President Kenyatta is willing to collaborate with you in all your development agenda. The government has also pledged to buy all your livestock that have been threatened by drought,” said Lesiyiampe.

The PS said buying of livestock will start this week and cows and goats that will be bought will be given back to the residents to slaughter and eat.

The same exercise, according to Agriculture PS, will be duplicated in Narok and Samburu where drought is threatening livestock. All the cows bought will also be given out free to the owners.

Earlier, a local retired chief, Jeremiah Masiodo, received wild cheers from onlookers at the rally when he told Nakissery and Lesiyiampe to tell the president the truth about what is going on the ground.

“You cannot lie to the president that all is well, and yet a revolution is building up. Our elected leaders have been sly and not telling the head of state the truth that the young people have the votes,” said Masiodo.

Masiodo said they had sent a message to the president that Kajiado Central constituency and Mosiro Ward by elections needed a young people from Jubilee side but what came out is that the ruling coalition was always settling down for old people.

“The opposition is embracing young leaders and our ruling party has ignored the youth, who matter in elections. Let the truth be told and it shall set us free,” said the chief.

Those present during the Ewuaso meeting included politicians; Sankok Teeka, MP Moses Sakuda, nominated MP, Janet Teyiaa,  and area MCA, Justus Ngussur.












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