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Star Journalist Saves “kidnapped” Mp Aspirant From Rowdy Youth


An aspiring MP candidate ran into trouble on Thursday evening when some youth he was addressing jumped on his car and forcefully demanded money.

The youthful politician, Sankok Teeka, who is seeking to unseat Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda, had just finished addressing hundreds of his supporters in Kiserian when hell broke loose.

Teeka, who was addressing a public rally in the populous Kiserian town, Kajiado West votes’ basket, got a rude shock  of his life when about 40 mean-looking red-eyed youth jumped into his two cars and occupied all the seats and sat put.

The politician had just thanked his supporters for turning up in large numbers to give him the moral support, and announced he was headed to Ngong town after the rally.

On going down to his seat, Teeka found that all the seats in his car had been occupied. He instructed his driver to speed away but some boda boda riders blocked him before he could take off.

That was the time more of the mean-looking youth jumped on top of his car. The driver attempted to speed off but those holding on the vehicle from outside appeared not scared.

His chase-car, another Toyota Prado, was also filled with more youth who occupied all the seats while others held onto the vehicle from outside.

The two cars raced towards Ngong, and on the way the drivers spotted two police traffic officers and decided to seek their help.

On seeing the police officers, the youth who were hanging from the two cars dared the officers to arrest them. The enforcement officers did not even attempt to caution those hanging precariously from the vehicles and instead walked away.

A frustrated MP instructed his drivers to move faster than before, but that could not scare them until they arrived in Ngong town when the two cars took different directions. The MP aspirant car drove towards Shade Hotel.

At the hotel, the aspirant dashed away into hiding leaving a confused lot outside.

All the way from Kiserian, two reporters from The Star and the Daily Nation were trailing the politician in their private car to Shade Hotel.

When Teeka received a call from one of his supporters claiming that more youth were headed to Shade Hotel, he jumped from his hiding and dashed into the journalists’ car and asked to be dropped near the Bomas of Kenya.

Speaking from his hiding after he had been dropped at Bomas of Kenya told the Star on the phone that he was “very scared” by what happened.

He said he was forced to send one of his most trusted lieutenants with Sh170, 000 on a motorbike to Kibiku forest in Ngong, where one of his cars had been detained, so that it could be released.

Asked if he will ever attempt going to such rallies without police escort, Teeka said; “This was my worst experience in politics. In fact I had been assigned four officers but I thought they were not necessary. Anyway, those who wanted money are still my supporters, but I will be more careful next time.”









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