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Is Somoire Posing a Threat to Kores’ Grip on Iloodokilani?

Esther Somoire during her recent political rally at Oltepsi area of Iloodoklani Wardattended by over 1,000 people.
Esther Somoire during her recent political rally at Oltepsi area of Iloodoklani Wardattended by over 1,000 people.

For more than a decade before the last general election, Tarayia ole Kores remained at helm of the local politics in Iloodokilani, and the entire Kajiado region.

Today, that recognition of his leadership is fast fading away following his exit from politics a few days before the last general election after he was ruled out by IEBC from vying for governorship position.

What is locally trending is the emergence of a young Iloodokilani professional, Esther Somoire, in the ranks and file of the local politics.

Somoire, a former human rights activist in the non-governmental world and senior county official, has come out with blaring guns to claim leadership in the Iloodokilani community.

If the number of people attending her political rallies in Iloodokilani is anything to go by, she is fast gaining ground against Kores.

Kores and Somoire are son and daughter of the soil but the two are like water and oil. They do not drink from the same river.

The two politicians appear to have parted ways when Somoire announced she would be gunning for the seat of County Women Rep and at the time Kores had not acquired his much-needed degree, a requirement for governor aspirant.

The rivalry played out in the open during Kores’ graduation ceremony in Iloodokilani where Somoire was not given a chance to address the gathering.

Somoire, who recently decided to run on an Orange Democratic Movement party ticket, had realized that she was not going to get fairness in the JP nomination due to Kores’ association with the powers that be.

Somoire, who admits she was “madodoa” in the last election, supported ODM’s Nkedianye and Peter Pariken (Magadi MCA) in the last election is proving to be Kores’ headache in Iloodokilani and by extension the rest of the county.

This is what has led Kores into supporting Simayiai Rakita – Somoire’s opponent in ODM – as a way of locking out Somoire from the ballot.

The Iloodokilani Maasai section in Kajiado West had for many years banked on and believed in Kores as a leader to deliver them from abject poverty but have since moved on and seem to be embracing Somoire’s leadership.

Kajiado governor, David Nkedianye, who Somoire is backing, appears to have won the hearts of the Iloodokilani section through the several county government projects and job placements for local professionals.

Somoire, other than harvesting from the growing support of the party in the county, had build her own base while working with county communities while she served in the NGO sector in Loitokitok, Sultan Hamud, Ildamat and Mosiro.

A polished public speaker, Somoire has worked closely with communities, grassroots leaders and professionals living in Kajiado to ensure her election in the coming polls.

Whether Kores has maintained his grip on the Iloodokilani, time between now and the general election will tell which direction of the local people will take.

The people of Iloodokilani have no beef with Jubilee administration for giving Kores a job at the Kenya Meat Commission but they have complained that they have not benefitted as a community from the appointment of their own.

The Iloodokilani section of the Maasai is known to vote as a block in past elections. There are 20, 000 voters in the area.



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