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Kakuta to Reclaim His “stolen Victory” for Kajiado East Mp’s Seat

1. Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.
1. Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.

He has build two schools so far and raises over Sh2 million to pay fees for university students from Kajiado East constituency in various colleges across the country.

Kakuta Maimai, a self-styled ambassador of peace and good virtues of the Kenyan Maasai in the Americas, is a politician and a philanthropist.

Maimai have distributed over 400 milking cows to drought-stricken victims across Kajiado East constituency in the last several months.

Currently he is funding education for 250 primary and secondary school students in Merrueshi Schools.

The soft-spoken politician has always gone out of his way to raise funds to educate students from poor backgrounds in the society because he understands what it means to miss school.

Maimai himself had his education cut while he was still in primary school because his parents were poor and could not have raised money to see go through Class Eight.

Desperation forced the young Maimai out of home and he walked into wildernesses in search of a job that would have earned him money so he could go back to school and continue with his education.

As sweet fate would have it, while he was in Mombasa, an American family friend he was guiding around national parks offered to sponsor his education in America, if his parents would allow it.

His parents had no objection. His parents were thrilled that their son got a sponsor.

“That marked the transformation, not only for me, but for my entire community. The education I received in the USA enlightened and empowered me,” says Maimai.

He went on; “When I finished school I got a good paying job that enabled me realize my dream to build schools and improve the living standards of my people”.

Maimai has helped to build a fully fledged primary school, secondary school, 32 water pans, a community health center serving nearly 10,000 patients every year.

In America, Maimai obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy from the Evergreen State College in Washington, and a Master of Arts degree in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training (SIT) in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

“Africa struggle with the problem of brain drain and I did not want to be part of that problem. This is the reason I decided to come back home and help develop my homeland. I strive to make Kajiado East a great place where residents can find jobs, raise their families and enjoy the fruits of hard work”.

Today all the pupils in the schools he build have boarding facilities with running water and learn in classroom fitted with electricity.

The secondary school in Merrueshi currently has over 400 students and 15 teachers.

Merrueshi Primary School has nearly 500 students and 20 teachers. A large part of teaching staff are sponsored by Maimai.

“It is important to mention that the difference between my votes and Peris Tobiko’s (incumbent MP) votes in 2013 was about 500. I petitioned the election results in the high court and lost with a fine of Sh4 million. I proceeded to the court of appeal where the case was presided over by 3 judges. The court of Appeal overturned the fine imposed by the high court and urged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to compensate me because Kajiado East election was mired with errors” said Maimai.

Maimai was asked by the executive to drop the petition and accept a lucrative job in return.

“I saw the offer from State House as a political suicide and a slap in the face of my constituents. After consulting widely with my supporters we decided to proceed with the petition,” said Maimai during this interview.

 Kakuta Maimai (Right) and Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati with Kajiado East Youth members who helped in organizing the event in support of the AspiringMP.
Kakuta Maimai (Right) and Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati with Kajiado East Youth members who helped in organizing the event in support of the AspiringMP.

He explained that in Maasai society it is a taboo and sin to compromise the wishes of your people at exchange for money or a job.

Maimai argued that he vied for the MP seat not for personal gains, but instead, for community development.

“The incumbent receives nearly Sh150 million every year and spends only Sh8 million for bursary across the constituency,” claims Maimai.

He continued; “She gives each location Sh400,000 and the entire constituency has 5 Wards and 20 locations. Bursary is distributed based on nepotism”.

People in towns, he claims, have especially received a raw deal from the incumbent. Uwezo Fund is a theory in the constituency. We are worse off than we were in 2012”.

The politician claimed that towns such as Kitengela remain with no clean drinking water, no public toilets, no street lights, and poor roads.

“Everyone is crying for change in Kajiado East constituency and I believe I can deliver better services than the incumbent,” says Maimai.

Every home in Kajiado East has about three college and university graduates with certificates, diplomas, or degrees, argues Maimai.

“The incumbent made no effort to find jobs for the youth.  Yet we have so many industries in Kajiado East Constituency. I believe the industries here have plenty of jobs for our young people but the MP has no interest and will to see our youth get employed,” says Maimai.

The politician said once elected on the Orange Democratic Movement ticket, he will ensure that he keeps his CDF office wide open so that the jobless youth can be listed.

“I will ensure that my office has the obligation to fix jobs for the unemployed. I am sure most companies are willing to partner with my leadership. To be an MP is not ceremonial but a calling to work for the people,” claimed Maimai.

Politician Kakuta Maimai and members of Kakuta Defence Forces (KDF) during the ODM rally in Empatipat area of Kajiado East rcently.
Politician Kakuta Maimai and members of Kakuta Defence Forces (KDF) during the ODM rally in Empatipat area of Kajiado East rcently.

He pointed out that during last year’s national examinations; schools in Mashuuru were supplied with exam papers through helicopters because the roads are pathetic mess.

It is a pity, he claimed, that a Jubilee MP cannot convince the presidency to look into the problems facing her people in the areas of roads, water and teething issues caused by the on-going drought.

Maimai said he pities families in Kyang’ombe estates in Kitengela whose children walk kilometers away in Noonkopir, Athi River Prison and other areas for schools.

“Once elected, I will ensure that the people in Kyang’ombe estates are provided with a public primary school because I value the lives of all my electorate and will fight back any attempt by anyone to divide them on tribal lines,” said Maimai.

He claimed that the people of Kajiado East constituency have been divided down the middle on clan lines by the current leadership, adding that even women are now fighting their husbands because they have been taught to be rebellious.

It is a taboo, he said, for women to disrespect their husbands in the name of “women empowerment”.

He said his supporters are mostly women and youth of good virtues, who understand their positions in the society. Politicians should lead his/her people by example in uniting the people.

The MP aspirant said Kajiado East is a cosmopolitan region and all the people, be it the locals or those who have acquired property, have equal rights to resources provided by the state.



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