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The Birth of KNU Digital News Outlet


Here we are, for close to one year the Kajiado News Update FB page has grown from scratch to an appealing 13, 000 active members.

It has been a year of great political argument from our esteem members being administered by great minds behind the scene.

I am aware that along the way, some members, who failed to observe our rules by using foul language, had to be struck off the records.

We also lost other members, who attempted to use this forum to front their candidates ahead of this impending election, owing to their solid stance against our stated rules.

It has been a journey, a long journey indeed, that we have come through in trying to shape our destiny in the way we sample and present hard news to the people of Kajiado.

Still on that that journey, we might have stepped on each others’ feet in our noble arguments but that could not deter our resolve of unity.

Today, I am proud to announce to honourable members the birth of Kajiado News Update Digital Website which will remain our medium for many days to come.

We have a team of highly educated staff and directors, whose sole responsibility is to manage the website and bring you quality news content.

Our website is open to the public and interactive in nature. Our members will debate on our news items and make it even livelier.

Our top notch IT specialist, Stephen Siloma, is fully responsible for managing our graphic designs and advertisements on the platform.

Our esteem customers will now be able to market their brands, events, political rallies and their businesses on our platform at affordable cost.

We also welcome political aspirants for the various elective positions to market their agendas to the electorate on the same forum.

My team and I will soon be publishing our rate cards for the various sizes of adverts on this platform.

Our reporters in the field have lined up interesting materials ranging from the normal hard news in all the fields to human-interest features.

We shall have pages on agriculture, sports, business and entertainment.

Yours Truly,

Kurgat Marindany – Chief Content Editor

Stephen Siloma – Chief Content Designer

Benjamin Ole Tipatet – Administrator




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