Workers’ Protests



Workers at Kajiado county assembly on Wednesday blocked MCAs from attending to house business over allegations that the clerk is blatantly firing their members.

They demanded the removal of the county assembly clerk, Daniel Konyango, over allegations he fired one, Marina Kelly, under unclear circumstances.

The protesting staff further claimed Konyango had so far fired three members of staff on flimsy and petty issues.

They claimed the assembly, through the influence of the clerk, had stopped its workers from remitting their union contributions.

“The county assembly has paid some consultants Sh3.2million so as to indict Kelly,” the protesting workers claimed.

Konyango, who spoke through the county public relations and liaison officer Ponciano Odongo, denied all the allegations.

In a written statement, Konyango stated that the assembly is an arm of government that is known to follow the due process in handling staff matters.

He claimed that the assembly has ensured that staff can access car loans and housing mortgage loan, regular trainings and medical health cover.

“Any staff with an indiscipline case must appear before the established disciplinary committee of the assembly. When Kelly was accorded such opportunity she completely declined to appear and simply walked out. She was not willing to defend herself after being suspended,” claimed Konyango.

He said Marina’s matter is still pending in the Industrial Court, adding that her application to stop the case was denied by the Industrial Court.

The deputy leader of majority in the assembly, David Nkirrimpai in a separate statement, claimed that it is a fact that the assembly has severally engaged the said worker until she chose to sue.

“This said staff had sued the assembly despite being a member of the staff,” said Nkirrimpai.

Nkirrimpai claimed the assembly has also not withdrawn any member from the workers’ union as purported by the union officials but called on the staff to act legally and responsibly as it is required by the law.

He claimed that only 9 former employees of the defunct Olkejuado county council out of 82 assembly staff are members of the union.

The MCA said the law is clear that a trade union shall conclude a written recognition agreement recording the terms upon which the employer or employers’ organization recognize the trade union.

“So far the Union is yet to provide the written recognition agreement and none of the Kajiado County Assembly workers has been able to sign any form of memorandum of understanding,” said Nkirrimpai.

The claim that the clerk fired the said worker is baseless and a blatant lie. The employer of the employers is the county assembly service board and the clerk has no mandate to fire or hire, Nkirrimpai added.



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