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Isinya Women Folk Cast a Curse on Six Suspected Gangsters

Isinya Women
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Irate Isinya women folk have resolved to cast a curse on six suspected gangsters who attacked a home and raped three victims. The act that has since left one woman dead and two others in nightmarish shock and devastation, has been blamed on police laxity.

The six suspects will now be a subject of a curse, and an elderly woman who has been picked to oversee the rare ritual says it is only a matter of days the culprits will die, one by one. Before they die, the elderly woman says, the suspects will display their true characters in public by attempting to make love to pets like dogs, cats or even neglected donkeys in market places.

This curse is rarely let out unless the community has been pushed to the brink of hopelessness, which it has happened.

Governor David Nkedianye and MP Peris Tobiko today joined other leaders in consoling two victims of recent Isinya savage attack on three women by rape gangsters.

Nkedianye and Tobiko almost broke down to tears when two of the young women victims were arraigned before them at the home of Mama Rhoda Koiyet, the other woman who succumbed to injuries after the rape ordeal. Mama Koyiet passed on Monday last week and her burial will take place on Tuesday.

One of the two victims was pregnant during the the attack. Nkedianye said: “Be strong my daughters, let that act not to weigh you down. It can happen to anybody. Pull up yourselves from the ashes and move on.” Tobiko said: “You are in our prayers. We know the government is following the culprits. We know you will come out of that trauma. It is a scar that can be healed.”

The MP added that she will also follow on the lives of the two victims adding that her hope is to see the two coming out of the trauma. Other leaders who accompanied Tobiko and Nkedianye included MCAs Nathaniel Sinkeet, Timothy Sayiore, Charles Lekanet, Evelyn Ketuta and politician Joshua Kintei.

A woman leader who spoke at the home of the deceased warned Isinya Deputy County and his counterpart in Kajiado Central along with local chiefs not to step in the area of the attack.

Emily Meeli warned; “If they step here we will undress them in public.”

The governor, MP and other leaders listened as Meeli attacked the administrators. The local chief was also present during the attack on the administration for alleged failure to restore security.



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