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Fear Fever Grips ODM Aspirants Ahead of Party Primaries in Kajiado

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The Orange Democratic Movement party strongholds in Kajiado East are feverish as aspirants position themselves for tight contests ahead of August general elections.

Already, there is anxiety with concerns raised by aspirants over the behavior of some senior officials of the party who are alleged to possess lists of their preferred candidates.

A group of Aspirants from Kajiado East constituency issued a press statement on Wednesday at Enkasiti Resort Club which lamented that they a fearful of the goings-on in ODM.

They pointed accusing fingers at the party’s National Elections Board Chairlady, Judy Pareno, and claimed her biasness might interfere with the nomination process of the party.

Other leaders claimed Governor David Nkedianye could also be having a list of his preferred candidates ahead of the nominations due this month.

 “They must stop forthwith as this is likely to jeopardize the party popularity in the county. Many aspirants may join other coalitions and a party for fear of what is brewing up in the party,” said Rianto Kimiti.

Kimiti said those concerned want the message reach ODM party leader, Raila Odinga.

 “I am asking them to keep away from ODM nominations so that the people can have their say in the primaries and elect leaders of their choice,” he added.

Another aspirant, Julius Kaloi said; “I am urging Pareno to be non-partisan during the party primaries”.




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